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News Archives 2004

From Music to Movies, Mark Wahlberg Then and Now
A few weeks back, I came across an episode of I Love the 80's featuring a young rapper named Mark Wahlberg with a group called "New Kids on the Block."
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DJ Mixes Music, Mortgages
Former rock jock Brian O'Donnell, 25, admitted that a publicity stunt gone awry was halted at the "cease and desist" order filed by an attorney representing Brian Bonsall, 22, the actor who played the youngest sibling Andrew on "Family Ties."
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Former Child Country Crooner Still Singing
I remember back a few years ago, as I got ready for school each morning, I would watch videos as I ate my breakfast, and everyday they played this one awesome video titled One Voice by Billy Gilman. The video featured a young boy (Gilman) singing on a bus as it drove through town and passed several people on the brink of destruction until one person or One Voice intervened to save them. The video had such an inspiring message of caring, the song itself was utterly beautiful, and Gilman sang it so passionately that it has become a beloved song of hope for millions of people worldwide.
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Kid Rock, SHeDaisy to Perform at Country Bash
The lineup for the 7th annual KZLA Country Bash in October at an Irvine, Calif., venue includes Kid Rock and SHeDAISY.
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Former Teen Star Reflects on Past Popularity
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are two of the most famous young pop-icons of our generation. But before they started their careers, there were other teen pop queens topping the charts, and in the 1980's no young performer was more popular than the red-haired singing sensation, simply known as "Tiffany."
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Rapper Indicted for Trafficking 1000 Pounds of Pot
Big Hutch cops a plea in case on advice from attorney.
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Game of Love Named Song of the Year
BMI awards measures feature broadcast performances on U.S. radio and television.
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Interview With Simple Plan
In 1999, Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco, David Desrosiers, and Seb Lefebvre were five young kids from Canada who had a simple plan to take the world by storm with a new catchy pop-punk rock style of music. Today their band (appropriately titled Simple Plan) is at their peak of their fame.
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Avril Lavigne; Behind the Star
Avril Lavigne first stepped into the music scene in 2002 with the premier of her first album, Let Go, which sold more than 14 million copies and took the world by storm. Now, two years later, she's finally releasing her highly anticipated second album entitled, Under My Skin.
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Country -- Texas Size
George Strait and Alan Jackson to join Jimmy Buffett at Texas Stadium.
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Music Stars Seeing Success in Fashion
Superstar rapper Nelly is most famous for his hit song It's Getting Hot In Here, from his past album, Nellyville, which topped the charts.
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Madonna World Tour Launches in L.A.
Material maiden plans to play in Israel and Europe.
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Tim McGraw Finishing Film; to Launch 33-City Tour 33 in June
Tour kicks off in Virgina Beach.
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Rapper to Release Record While In Prison
Turk accused of killing Memphis Deputy Sheriff.
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Performance With Stars is Prize of New Reality Music Show
VH-1 to debut You Rock With show with Matchbox Twenty.
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Second Avril Lavigne Album Due in May
Mall performances to include 3 songs from Under My Skin CD.
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