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News Archives 1999

SFX Entertainment's investment in UltraStar Internet Services will provide valuable connections for David Bowie's internet company
NYPost.com December 23

Notorious.com IPO looking generate $7.5 million
NYPost.com December 23

Country Singer Hank Snow Dies at 85
Singer who made million-selling hit song "I'm Movin' On" dies in Nashville
CBSNews.com December 20

R.E.M.'s scoring of `Moon' was out-of-this-world experience
Band plans to begin work on a new album soon
BostonHerald.com December 20

BMI lists 100 most-played songs
The century's 100 most-played tunes on radio and television
DallasNews.com December 19

Music bios confirm truth of rock woes
Autobiographies by musicians including Snoop Dogg, Merle Haggard, and Aretha Franklin
BostonHerald.com December 19

DMX Un-Rapped
Expletive-spewing gangsta star betrays a hint of softness
NYDailyNews.com December 19

Andrea Bocelli, on 'Sacred' Ground
Christmas Day 'Great Performances' Telecast to Spotlight Italian Tenor
WashingtonPost.com December 19

Pioneer Sax Great Collapses and Dies
Jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. died of an apparent heart attack at new CBS studio in Manhattan
NYDailyNews.com December 18

'One Love,' Shared by Many
TNT's All-Star Tribute to Bob Marley Shines
WashingtonPost.com December 18

Ronstadt's pop-rock performance more pop than rock'n'roll
Linda Rondstadt concert at 4th & B in San Diego
UnionTribune.com December 18

MTV Under Pressure To Pay for Net Play
Music companies are pressuring MTV to pay up in exchange for the rights to play music over the Internet
NYDailyNews.com December 17

EMusic.com Features Popular Country & Jazz Holiday Music in MP3
PRnewswire.com December 17

High tech sector sounds alarm over Canada CD levy
Canada's Copyright Board ruled mfgs and importers must pay a levy of 5.2 Canadian cents on recordable compact discs, 23.3 cents on audio cassettes, and 60.8 cents on mini discs and recordable audio CDs (Audio cassettes under 40 minutes exempt)
Individual.com December 17

Lou Bega gives '50s 'Mambo' a '90s twist
Freep.com December 17

MTV Faces Govt. Antitrust Probe
Government wants to know if MTV Networks has been muscling record companies by demanding exclusivity in exchange for airing music videos
NYDailyNews.com December 16

Future Disc Systems Ready for DVD Projects, Preparing for Surround Sound
Opens New Studio 7 for DVD Audio/Video Encoding; Prepares Studio 6 for Surround Sound
Individual.com December 16

U.S. regulators probing music CD retail practices
Investigation of major music companies due to reports of possible trade violations involving the retail pricing of compact discs
Individual.com December 16

ZZ Top
First headliner concert was before 80,000 Austin, Texas concertgoers in 1974
Austin360.com December 16

Malpractice suit against Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City and 2 doctors is due to an alleged botched operation
ChicagoTribune.com December 15

McCartney Returns to Liverpool Club
Sir Paul McCartney returned to the Cavern Club for a single concert
LasVegasSun.com December 14

Simply Divine
Bette Midler wows crowd with wicked and witty performance
UnionTribune.com December 14

Nashville Symphony Orchestra joins singer at Chicago's United Center
ChicagoTribune.com December 13

Y2K Mega-Concert Is Changing Its Tune
ABC not to broadcast Sting, Aretha Franklin special because new venue too small
NYDailyNews.com December 13

Michael Brecker's Casual Sax
Live performance at Blues Alley
WashingtonPost.com December 11

For Kimora, Charity Begins at Home
Misc business stories
NYDailyNews.com December 10

Jay-Z Defense: Let's Go to the Tape
Lawyers for Jay-Z say they have obtained a videotape they hope will help prove his innocence
NYDailyNews.com December 10

New Twist in BMG, Davis Talks
BMG may make a substantial financial contribution to new Clive Davis label valued at $1.5-$2 billion, and would include some popular artists and executives now under contract to Arista
NYDailyNews.com December 9

Studios sue MP3 startup Napster
In its suit, the RIAA alleges company is operating as a "haven" for music piracy on the Internet by making illegal copies of MP3 files freely available
CNN.com December 9

Fitzgerald 'Masters' Is One Ella-va Special
PBS "American Masters" biography, "Ella Fitzgerald -- Something to Live For"
NYDailyNews.com December 9

Moving In on Manhattan
Michael Ovitz opens Artists Management Group talent agency
NYDailyNews.com December 8

'Nutcracker' Musicians Return
Strike against the New York City Ballet over
NYDailyNews.com December 8

BMG Head Primed To Wield the Ax
Strauss Zelnick wants to merge Arista and LaFace, but meeting resistance from Clive Davis
NYDailyNews.com December 6

Rapper Out on 50G Bail
Jay-Z accused of knifing rival at party
NYDaily.com December 4

Nugent Blasts Anti-Hunting Protests
Ted Nugent says protests against state-sanctioned deer hunts in two Michigan parks are off target
Examiner.com December 4

Jay-Z Hit on Assault
Rapper charged in nightclub stabbing
NYDailyNews.com December 3

Spin Reveals Best Music of 1999 in Year-End Issue
Nine Inch Nails takes honors for the 1999 Album of the Year
PRNewswire.com December 2

Musicland November Comp Sales Increase 2.4%
Individual.com December 2

Puffy May Lose First Lady
Faith Evans leaving Bad Boy Entertainment
NYDailyNews.com November 24

2000 Fete Cut Back
Pricey tickets force New Year's party redo
NYDailyNews.com November 23

Clive Davis Set To Meet With BMG Bigs
Music legend's future with Arista Records hangs in balance
NYDailyNews.com November 22

British recording label gets $34 mln loan
London label Castle Music Ltd. is expected to receive a $34 million loan from CAK Universal Credit Corp.
Individual.com November 22

He's Armed for Legal Fight
Stars are coming out for music kingpin Clive Davis
NYDailyNews.com November 19

Famous Country Nightclub Closing
Crazy Horse nightclub moving from location of 20 years to new entertainment complex
LasVegasSun.com November 13

Radio City Musicians OK Strike
Orchestra musicians seeking more than the 2% wage increase that Radio City Productions has offered
LasVegasSun.com November 13

While Jimmy Iovine does not fit the corporate image, he has earned the respect of top industry executives
NYPost.com November 12

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